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Manage your site content - no coding required!

If you need to keep your site content constantly updated, but don't want to bother messing about with fiddly page code, then you need our purpose-built content management system (CMS).

Content Management Systems

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Our web development team has created our own content management system which is used by dozens of our satisfied customers every day. Our system is robust, easy to use and quick to install. Installation is included as a standard item on some of our fixed price project package fees, and as an optional, inexpensive extra item in some customised project packages.

Having our own system means we can provide our customers with quick response resolution of any issues they may come across, and it also means our customers automatically get free access to all system upgrades and improvements. It also means we are able to protecet our customers' websites from malicious attacks

What We Can Do For You

Once we've completed the installation of your CMS, you simply login and get started editing your content. You simply choose which page or section from your site you'd like to work on, and then edit using tools much like those you're probably already used to from common desktop applications like Word, or Powerpoint.

You can use the tools to edit your text, import new text and images, insert links, create new pages and sections, manage susbscribers, and much more. Full tuition on how to use the system can be provided at no extra cost if required, but we're confident you'll find our CMS so easy to use you won't need much help!

* CMS installations require that the hosting server is running MySQL/PHP. Also, we recommend our own hosting servers for installations, as installations on servers other than our own can be tricker and cost more!

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Take out one of our website support warranties and never worry about bugs causing your site to go offline.

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