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Designing, building and launching that perfect website for your business can often seem a daunting task. What at first seems such a simple thing can quickly become confusing and frustrating, in part because of the sheer number of options and pricing systems available.

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At Moonhound, we make it our mission to ease the planning burden for our customers and make the process of creating a new website (or giving an old one a makeover) as painless and rewarding as possible for them. We work closely with them to arrive at a creative solution that matches or exceeds their expectations.

As part of our commitment to always providing exemplary customer service, we make sure to listen very carefully to what our customers tell us they want, when they want it and how much they're prepared to spend to get it. We then present them with all the best options available to them bearing in mind their requirements and the time and budget available. We offer fixed-price project packages, but we're also happy to provide tailored, itemised pricing to match our customers' requirements and budgets perfectly.

And because we're small, with low overheads, we're able to charge extremely competitive rates that mean our customers always get the best deals.

Responsive Web Design

All our websites are future-proofed by being built using the new technique called 'responsive web design', where your site's pages are built to adapt automatically to the screen size of whichever device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.) they are being viewed on, so they display equally well on all.

The solution to this problem used to be to build a different version of the site for each different type of device. Fortunately, with advances in web design techniques and improvements in coding standards, this is no longer necessary. This saves time and costs - good news for our customers!

What We Can Do For You

We can design and build you a beautiful, unique and impactful website that fulfills your brief 100% and is fully responsive and acccessible. We use best-practice techniques and incorporate structural elements from professional grade frameworks like Bootstrap to ensure that they are robust, reliable and always adhere to web standards.

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Website Support Warranties

Take out one of our website support warranties and never worry about bugs causing your site to go offline.

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Business Starter Packages

If you're a small business owner, or trying to launch a new business, try one of our web and print starter packages.